73058435_169512740910297_841644632596196700_nTasting wine is an art and a science as well. Fill a small part of the glass with wine and then properly hold the glass by the stem. If you hold the glass by the bulb, it will heat up the wine and distort the flavor. The purpose behind the stem is to forestall including excess heat, so hold the glass gently by the slender stem.

Take a little sniff of the wine directly in the wake of opening. This is a decent time to get a starter sniff of the wine so you can look at its fragrance in the wake of swirling. This will likewise permit you to check for any off scents that may demonstrate ruined (plugged) wine or some other natural or synthetic imperfection, which will smell stale or spoiled.

For the wine professional, this is the main clue to how old the wine might be and how well it is holding up. Search for the shade of the shading and clarity of the wine. To know more about how to taste wine, visit Cellar.Asia